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Putting It On Paper: Book Review

Dawn Josephson, author of 14 books, has written a fantastic author resource with her latest book Putting it on Paper – The ground rules for creating promotional pieces that sell books. This book dis........ Read More

Gallery One's 4-step Procedure For Framing Paper Art

Gallery One framing standards have long been recognized for excellence. Here is a summary of the procedures Gallery One follows for framing works of art on paper. 1. Art should be surrounded by white........ Read More

Paper Or Plastic? What's Your Time Management Style?

When grocery shopping, you have the choice of paper or plastic grocery bags. Paper used to be the most common. Now plastic has taken its place. Most people use plastic because that is what is offered......... Read More

Paper Crafts: Scrapbook And Greeting Card Basics

Paper crafts are a popular pastime right now. Scrapbooking is a fun way to display pictures and chronicle family history. Other paper crafts include making greeting cards and even making hand made p........ Read More

Instant Cash Loans - No Credit Check Paperless Loans

Instant payday loans will enable you to get quick access to funds. Not having enough money to cover the cost of an unexpected expense is frustrating. Instead of delaying a needed car repair or paying ........ Read More

How To Find A Paper Shredder That Is Affordable?

In an effort to prevent identity theft you can get a quality shredder that is still inexpensive. Like many other markets the shredder market is very competitive and if you know what to look for you ........ Read More

What Paper Or Computer Files Should You Keep

Does this shock you? It did me at first, but now I subscribe to this motto and let go of all paper and information that doesn't serve me. It's my new mantra. If the information is important I make sur........ Read More

Paperless Office For Cpa For Under $1,000

Considering what CPAs are being asked to pay for pre-packaged paperless solutions for their offices, the title of this article is quite radical. Since the title and what is discussed here is based on ........ Read More

Free Desktop Wallpapers - How To Select?

Desktop Wallpapers are very popular downloads. Wallpaper on the computer screen changes the look of the screen within a moment. Wallpapers help us enjoy beautiful sights. With free wallpapers, we can ........ Read More

Newspapers And Political Bias

Almost every weekday, for the last thirty some years, I have purchased three or four newspapers and read them at lunch time. I do this in order to relax and in some cases learn something. One of the '........ Read More

Thermal Paper Is Cleaner Produces A Crisper Resolution.

Thermal paper is cleaner than your standard ink, produces a crisper resolution, and is ultimately cheaper. Though thermal paper used to be considerably more expensive, the price has come down in recen........ Read More

How To Find Research Paper Topics From Everyday Life

So, you dream of writing an interesting, rewarding, and valuable research paper and receiving a high estimate of you work from you professor? Then it’s vital that you start with brainstorming intere........ Read More

Paperless Medical Offices – Implementation Considerations

The concept of a paperless office has been something workers in such paperwork heavy industries like insurance, banking and healthcare have been craving for some time. While the idea of a paperless o........ Read More

Paper Shredders

As identity theft becomes a real problem in our society, paper shredders begin to fill a growing need in the community. Businesses and individuals both desire to safely and effectively destroy sensiti........ Read More

Make Your Fortune In A Paper Business

The problem with some business ideas is their cost. To manufacture and market a product you have invented could cost you millions of dollars. The investment in machinery, buildings, inventory and othe........ Read More


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