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Multimedia Journalism

RRP $398.99

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Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide, Second edition builds on the first edition's expert guidance on working across multiple media platforms, and continues to explore getting started, building proficiency and developing professional standards in multimedia journalism.

The second edition features new chapters including:

  • getting started with social media
  • live reporting
  • building proficiency with Wordpress
  • building apps for smartphones and tablets
  • building a personal brand and developing a specialism
  • long-form video journalism, audio and video news bulletins and magazine programmes.

The new edition also includes an extensive range of new and updated materials essential for all aspects multimedia journalism today. New areas explored include editing video and slideshows for mobile and tablet devices, the advanced use of mobile devices for reporting, location-specific content creation and delivery, the use of video and audio slideshows, and live blogging. Other updates include more material on photojournalism as a storytelling technique, using and transferring digital images and sound, the use of Google Analytics, and practical guides to storytelling through infographics, timelines, interactive graphics and maps.

The book fully engages with multimedia journalism in relation to range of social media and web publishing platforms, including Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, AudioBoom and iTunes.

The book is also be supported by fully updated online masterclasses at

Intelligent Multimedia Multi-agent Systems

RRP $519.99

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Intelligent Multimedia Multi-Agent Systems focuses on building intelligent successful systems. The book adopts a human-centered approach and considers various pragmatic issues and problems in areas like intelligent systems, software engineering, multimedia databases, electronic commerce, data mining, enterprise modeling and human-computer interaction for developing a human-centered virtual machine. The authors describe an ontology of the human-centered virtual machine which includes four components: activity-centered analysis component, problem solving adapter component, transformation agent component, and multimedia based interpretation component. These four components capture the external and internal planes of the system development spectrum. They integrate the physical, social and organizational reality on the external plane with stakeholder goals, tasks and incentives, and organization culture on the internal plane. The human-centered virtual machine and its four components are used for developing intelligent multimedia multi-agent systems in areas like medical decision support and health informatics, medical image retrieval, e-commerce, face detection and annotation, internet games and sales recruitment. The applications in these areas help to expound various aspects of the human-centered virtual machine including, human-centered domain modeling, distributed intelligence and communication, perceptual and cognitive task modeling, component based software development, and multimedia based data modeling. Further, the applications described in the book employ various intelligent technologies like neural networks, fuzzy logic and knowledge based systems, software engineering artifacts like agents and objects, internet technologies like XML and multimedia artifacts like image, audio, video and text.

Media Management

RRP $503.99

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Media Management: A Casebook Approach provides a detailed look at the major areas of responsibility that fall to the managers of media organizations, including leadership, motivation, planning, marketing, and strategic management. It provides media-based cases that promote the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Addressing such topics as diversity, group cultures, progressive discipline, training, and market-driven journalism, this casebook provides real-world scenarios that help students anticipate and prepare for experiences in their future careers.

Among the additions to this fourth edition are

  • Increased discussions on groups, vision, change, diversity, and management styles;

  • Additional media-sensitive examples within each section of the text;

  • A new chapter on knowledge management;

  • Ethics integrated into law and leadership discussions;

  • A primer in global markets, technology, and policy;

  • In-depth consideration into the aspects of change; and

  • Increased emphasis on analysis.

This edition also includes management scenarios in which one or more participant is a new employee or intern, making the material relevant to students while also preparing them to understand the motivations of their future employers. Developed as a media management text for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, Media Managementprovides realistic scenarios and invaluable insights on working in the media industries.


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